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WEID Consortium

The WEID Consortium is a group of IT-workers and companies leaded by Frdlweb and ViaThinkSoft who work on network and internet protocols, specially identifiers, look-ups and registries.

Responsible owner: Till Wehowski (Frdlweb/Webfan Homepagesystem)

Technical management: Daniel Marschall (ViaThinkSoft)

Organisation Entity: co@weid.info

WEID Community

Read the talk, ask questions, or apply to join the WEID Consortium and contribute or vote for changes. Contribute to several related projects, read the documentations get news in the WEID Frdlweb Group. You can contact the Org e.g. via our shared cloud account @weid@webfan.de.

WEID Chapters

We currently work on:

WEID Notation

Read the specification of the WEID Notation, the first specification in place and complete which was developed by the WEID Consortium.

The Status of the following Chapters is Alpha, they are not ready but will be implemented soon probably…

We further plan to develop, or we plan to work with:


Successor of a set of our protocols for registration, provisioning, accreditation, binding, managing, connecting and extending the registration, delegation, signing and validation of OID allocations, its registrants, registrars and registries.

WEID Software

Working on software implementing the WEID protocols, like e.g. OIDplus. Successors of the WEID Software Chapter will be (soon):

WEID RA and WEID Business

Wehowski and Marschall will enable and administer the commercial market to sub-delegate and resell roots, trees and subzones and connect internet services like webhosting or emails to it and to other services following our protocols. They may provide a biz/shop to (re-)sell webhosting, domains, services, servers and other products.

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